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Mini Display
Mini Display

Mini Display

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Well, you're in luck! 

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Aromaallday presents the "Mini Display", A turnable display of your favorite 8 wax melts. This allows the customers in your stores to enjoy the free smells of our products before purchasing. 

Worried about counter space?

Don't be, our ergonomic Mini display only uses 8 inches of surface space! 12inx8inx10in (L,W,H)

How does it work?

Great question, The Mini Display is a turnable tester rack of Wax Melt scents, your customers will:

Unscrew the cap, Smell 2 inches from the surface of the tester, in-between scents the user should sniff the coffee beans to cleanse the nose pallet before moving onto the next scent, etc. *coffee bean tester included*

How do I buy it?

You first email us which 8 scents you would like for your Mini Display. The scents will come in (4) two-ounce bags per scent. (32 bags/2lbs total) *Bag shown in photo*

Need Aroma lamps too?

No worries, Select "Mini Display with Lamps" before checkout. The Aroma Lamps will come in a set of 6 clear, 2 blue, 2, red, 2 black (12 total)