About us

Aroma-all-day was founded on the premise of providing an alternative to a traditional household candle. It began as so many great ideas do, in a dorm room.  A Mom sent great smelling candles to cover up " the smell of sweat socks, dirty laundry,😉 and other dorm room odors.  But, it was against the school rules to have an open flame in the room. A flame-less way to bring good scents into any environment without the toxic burning flame was needed.   There must be other people in similar situations.  In offices, in homes, in assisted living facilities. We knew there must be others who wanted a naturally great smelling room,  BAM, Aromaallday was created.

Aromaallday products are made by hand in the USA. Our Aroma blends are made with Natural Essential Oils and Concentrates. The wax melts are made with a vegetable beeswax blend resulting in a soft yet sturdy structure. Aroma-all-day wax melts are unique; stronger than candles, reusable, mixable, and most importantly flame-less. Melt the wax in one of our beautiful melting lamps that produce warm light and beautiful colors. Combine that with your favorite aroma-all-day scent and you will have a soothing sensory experience that lasts all day.

We hope you love smelling our products as much as we love making them for you. Contact us "" or call 443-878-3436. Smell ya soon!

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