Aroma Inhaler

Aroma Inhalers

Enhanced Focus

Upon each inhale, you stimulate thousands of sensory nerves throughout the lining of your nose. Each sensory nerve is then stimulated and sends a message to the brain - Aroma Inhalers allow you to instantly snap back into focus.

Increase Refreshment

Menthol and spearmint create a feeling of coolness, which activates your body's cold receptors leaving you feeling awake and refreshed.

Mood Booster

It is a proven fact that memory is tied to scents and aromas. Use Aroma Inhalers as a mood stabilizer and tie each scent to something positive/happy in your life. So when you are having a rough day and things seem to be not going your way, whip out your Aroma Inhaler and whiff your way to happiness.

Enhance Breathing

Inhaling menthol and spearmint scents stimulate your body's cold receptors. Upon this sensation, your body drains your respiratory system allowing for full, complete breathing.

Enhanced Sleep

Difficulties Falling Asleep? Try our new Lavender Cedarwood inhaler to boost your melatonin (Sleep Chemical) levels within your brain to help you drift into a heavenly sleep.