Mystery Fall 3-pack

Mystery Fall 3-pack

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Our Aroma Melts are stronger than candles, reusable, and carcinogen-free. The wax is packaged in our zero-plastic, biodegradable, eco-friendly containers. Let us know which scents are your favorite.

Fall 3 pack Flavor Notes

Think of a cool October evening you visit your friends home for dinner, you notice a warm familiar scent reach your nose

- The second scent will remind you of running through a dense forest in the middle of fall, with multi-colored leaves and pine needles all around  

- The third and final scent in the 3-pack will be Sweet and Warm, common for this time of year this scent will smell so good you are going to want to eat it, but try your hardest not to :)


All 3 of these scents will pair extremely well with our Fresh Apple Scent !!!

Quantity Information
- We recommend using 5-6 beads for 12 hours
- A 2 oz bag will last around 10 days of everyday use

Packaging Information
- The 2 oz size comes in reusable, resealable, 
recyclable kraft bag

*All of our aroma melts are made using our cutting-edge patented technology to ensure long~lasting Aroma*