Aromaallday Incense Cones
Aromaallday Incense Cones

Aromaallday Incense Cones

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Cones - 2 Inch Backflow Cones.  Packs of 12.

"Charcoal Incense vs. Wood Punk Incense: The Scent Showdown

When it comes to the aroma game, charcoal cones take the prize for cleaner burning and a more authentic scent experience when ignited. Not only do they produce less smoke than their wooden counterparts, but they also unveil the delicate essence of each perfect scent. It's like a fragrance spotlight!

Proudly Crafted in the USA - Our daily ritual involves hand-dipping with the finest fragrance oils. Each cone, a mere 1 inch in length, is meticulously made from premium charcoal. After a luxurious 48-hour dip in top-grade fragrance oils, they're ready to burn bright for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Pure and Painless Burning - Say goodbye to toxic fumes and smoky aftermaths! Embrace the realm of clean, smooth, premium aromas that waft through your abode. Your curious guests won't be able to resist asking, "What's that amazing scent?" Whether you sprinkle them into your décor collection, create a serene corner, or simply keep them on standby for any moment, these cones are your aromatic allies."

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