Blue Dream Melt
Blue Dream Melt
Blue Dream Melt

Blue Dream Melt

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Our Aroma Melts are stronger than candles, reusable, and carcinogen-free. The wax is packaged in our zero-plastic, biodegradable, eco-friendly containers. Let us know which scents are your favorite.

Blue Dream Flavor Notes
- Stepping off an 80-foot yacht in the Maldives you walk by a mountain of a man dressed to the nines in a blue pin-striped suit, he passes by, immediately your nose picks up this lofty masculine edge with soft hints of ecstasy. You name it the Blue Dream.

Quantity Information
- We recommend using 5-6 beads for 12 hours

- A 2 oz bag will last around 15 days of everyday use

-An 8 oz bag will last around 60 days of everyday us

Packaging Information
- The 2 oz size comes in reusable, resealable, recyclable kraft bag

*All of our aroma melts are made using our cutting-edge patented technology to ensure long~lasting Aroma*


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