Aromaallday's Incent Sticks
Aromaallday's Incent Sticks
Aromaallday's Incent Sticks
Aromaallday's Incent Sticks

Aromaallday's Incent Sticks

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This listing is for a Pack of "100" Incense Sticks  

Dipped in 100% Concentrated oils. Available only in 100 count bundles.

"Crafted in the USA - Each day, meticulously hand-dipped with your choice of premium fragrance oils. Bundled in sets of 100 sticks - every stick spans 11 inches and is fashioned from top-notch wood. Submerged in high-quality fragrance oils for a 48-hour duration. Burn time ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

PURITY IN COMBUSTION - Emits no harmful fumes, leaves no lingering burnt scent - only a pristine, premium, and velvety aroma. Infuse your living space with an enchanting and distinct scent, prompting guests to inquire about the captivating fragrance. Integrate these into your home decor, your personal serene corner, or keep them readily available for any moment of burning.

The burning of incense is an ancient tradition seen in countless cultures throughout history. A pleasant fragrance draws one deeper into the moment - enhancing perceptions of peace, joy, love, and belonging to something greater.

Benefits of burning incense:

*Enhances concentration and focus
*Stimulates creativity
*Increases motivation
*Boosts confidence
*Heightens sexual desire
*Prevent infections with its antibacterial properties and kills germs in the environment
*Relieves headaches
*Helps fight depression
*Some fragrances stimulate the brain to cause feelings of happiness, relaxation, and contentment
*Certain aromas help open nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure

Instructions: With a lighter or match, light the tip of the incense stick. Once the incense has been ignited, gently extinguish the flame by blowing it out. A soft glow can be seen and smoke will begin to emanate as the incense stick burns. Place lit incense in a nonflammable burner or incense tray - and never leave burning incense unattended. Sticks are approximately 11 inches long and will burn for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the airflow in the area.

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