Wax Sampler (14+  Scents)
Wax Sampler (14+  Scents)

Wax Sampler (14+ Scents)

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Our Aroma Melts are stronger than candles, reusable, and carcinogen-free. The wax is made with nontoxic eco-friendly dye to ensure quality and safety. Let us know which scents are your favorite.

Aromaallday's Wax Sampler
- You will get a chance to immerse yourself in the Aromas of our 14+ scents  Get ready to smell the wonderfulness before you order your favorites!

(Each scent is one serving 5-7 pieces)

If there are certain scents you really want in your sampler, please email us! (Aromaallday@gmail.com)

WAX sampler Contains:

Black Ice - Blue Dream - Lavender- Cherry - Hibiscus- Peach - Lemongrass - Pineapple Mango - Coco Mango - Sweet V - Peppermint - Apple - Cookies - Vanilla - + 1 or 2 mystery scents ;) 



*All of our aroma melts are made using our cutting-edge patented technology to ensure long~lasting Aroma - Photo shows more than one serving per sample bag, only used to show detail*


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